10 Reasons to Have a Backyard Orchard

Top 10 Reasons OrchardThe ability to own a home orchard and vegetable garden and enjoy an abundance of fruits and vegetables is a privilege that I believe every family on earth should be able to take pleasure in . In our century, we have been able to enjoy the convenience of obtaining a variety of fruits and vegetables by simply purchasing them at our local supermarkets, but not long ago, it was responsible home ownership to grow one’s own fruits and vegetables.

While local farmers often provide good, quality, organic produce, it is questionable if the produce grown on corporate farms is healthy and untainted by pesticides and hormones. Fruit from your own backyard orchard can benefit you in so many ways. Here are the top 10!


While local farmers often provide good, quality, organic produce, it is difficult to know exactly what chemicals it may have been exposed to in its lifetime.  However, fruit from your own trees can ensure that what you feed your family is pure, wholesome, and without chemical damage, as long as you do not treat them with chemicals yourself.


Fruit trees are lovely and add splendor and charm to any landscape.  Since their leaves, blossoms, and fruits change throughout the year, they are also a natural and colorful sign of the seasons.


Fruit trees provide flowers for your table when they are in blossom. Many a happy mother and grandmother have received little bouquets of apple and cherry blossoms from tiny hands that finally reached the branches of blooming boughs in Springtime.


Fruit can be expensive when purchased from the grocery store, but fruit trees from your yard will provide free food for your family!


Picking and processing fruit with your family and friends is a great way to make the    Fall Harvest part of your family’s traditions.


Fruit harvests are often so abundant that there is plenty to share with neighbors, and sharing produce is a great way to foster friendly and generous relationships in your community. I know I’m not alone in longing for a time when it was common for neighbors to share all of their good things.


You can repurpose the branches of your fruit trees when you prune them. When I prune my apple tree, I cut the branches into 6 inch pieces, let them dry out, then use them in our smoker for a nice, apple wood-smoked flavor in our meats.


Some fruit seeds have disease fighting properties and are expensive if you purchase them in a health food store. For example, grape seed extract and apricot seeds are believed to have cancer fighting properties as well as other health benefits.


You can start a side hustle and earn income with money you make selling fruit from your little orchard.


Fruit trees are timeless. Though life may take us in many directions, impressions made upon us when we are young children can last a lifetime. We never forget the promises carved into an old pear tree, alliances made in fortresses atop cherry branches, jelly made from our own grapes, cherry pies made from our own cherries, or pacts we made with our cousins while sitting up high in an old apple tree… to never, never, NEVER forget to be best friends forever.  That, my dear one, is the really good stuff, and it just cannot be bought in the grocery store.

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